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October 19, 2016 10:00 am

Choosing the Right Bar Stool

Bar stools can be used in different parts of a home or an establishment. It’s a perfect addition for a kitchen or even a game room. It provides additional seats, while minimizing the space being consumed in your area.  But how do you find the right bar stool for your needs? Here is a definitive guide that can help you get the right bar stool for your home or business.

Measure the counter

First thing that you have to do is to measure your counter from the floor to the top. Once you measured your counter, you will have to subtract around 10 inches to determine the height of your bar stool. Most restaurant bar stools cheap are adjustable.

bar-249011_640How many people do you plan to accommodate?

Next thing that you have to worry about is the number of bar stools that you are going to get. As rule of thumb, provide around 26 to 30 inches in between bar stools. If you have a bar stool located next to a wall, provide an extra 14 inches from the wall to the bar stool. These measurements will ensure that each person is going to sit comfortably.


Are you following a certain theme in your interior? Different stools come in different colors, shape and even material. It is important that the bar stool you are going to invest on is going to blend seamlessly with your overall design and that you buy from a reputable supplier like www.wholesalebarstoolclub.com. Are you following a modern look or perhaps a casual theme inside the house?


You also want to consider overall functionality of the bar stool. For instance, if you are running a bar, and you expect people to be sitting for long periods of time, might as well invest on a bar stool that has cushion seat. For some homeowners, they simply get a separate chair pad when they can’t find the right bar stool with cushion.


Though we always wanted the best bar stool, we also have to consider the cost. There will always be options. You want to choose at least five bar stools in order to find the right one that suits your style and your budget. Also, try not to be impulsive whenever you are buying furniture or any type of addition to your interior. Always keep your options open.


Bar stools can be a good option especially if you are looking to save space. It can be tucked when it isn’t being used. And unlike other types of chair, bar stools are flexible options. With different designs and materials to choose from, you can have the right one for your needs.

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